G. Jay Brett

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As an American living and working in the United States, I am part of a culture that has deeply embedded hierarchies. These hierarchies systematically privilege and oppress individuals based on race, class, ability, gender, sexuality, and nationality, and any individual may both benefit from and be harmed by these systems. I continue to educate myself on these issues and work on consciously overcoming unconscious biases. I accept the duty to improve the systems of which I am a part. As your coworker, friend, teacher, or subordinate, I am open to addressing any problems I contribute to.

I am most aware of and able to address issues related to gender identity and sexuality. I have worked on creating more gender-inclusive bathrooms on three campuses to date. I am committed to using the name and pronouns you prefer in the contexts that you choose. I can also address some problems of structural and social barriers with others on your behalf. I have been working on understanding structural racism in science, including running a reading group for early-career scientists on this issue in 2020. I have also and will continue to volunteer my time to mentor URM students at SACNAS and OSM conferences. At APL, I am an active member of Allies, a group of staff working to support LGBTQ+ staff, and the treasurer of the Young Professionals Network for FY22, a group of staff working to support young staff. I hope to move my profession towards being a welcoming environment for people of any background or identity.